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Siberian Ju-jitsu Association (SJA)

Founding year: 1993

Siberian Ju-jitsu Association structure

President: Oleg Pankratov, Technical Director of Russian Ju-jitsu Federation (RJF), Director/Coordinator of RJF for Siberian Federal Region (Novosibirsk).

- Sergei Matveev, President of Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation (Novosibirsk);
- Oleg Orlov (Novosibirsk);
- Evgeniy Korotkikh, President of the sports club "Siberian Leopard" (Moscow).

SJA now has branches and representatives in the following cities:
- Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation)
- Moscow (club "Siberian Leopard")
- Blagoveshchensk (Amur Ju-jitsu Federation)
- Yekaterinburg
- Barnaul (Altai Ju-jitsu Regional Federation)
- Gornoaltaisk
- Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk Ju-jitsu Federation)
- Belogorsk (Belogorsk Ju-jitsu Federation)
- Nerjungry (Ju-jitsu Federation in Nerjungry)
- Taldan

Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation (NRJF)

NRJF Structure

Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation (President: Sergei Matveev) is a common member of Russian Ju-jitsu Federation (President: Vasiliy Shestakov, the honored coach of Russia and the Deputy of State Duma) and a part of Siberian Ju-jitsu Association.

Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation has 12 coaches who have been given the rank of "Coach of Russian Ju-jitsu Federation" by RJF and they conduct classes at 8 special gyms in the city.

Sport activity

Championships of Novosibirsk region and Siberia and Far East are held according to RJF schedule with participation of sportsmen from 12 cities of RF.


Technical competitions

Competitions are held according to the rules established and approved by the International Ju-jitsu Federation (IJJF). Technical Ju-jitsu events (DUO-SYSTEM) are powerful and dynamic competitions that have great popularity throughout the world. They are also included in the World Games program. World and Europe Ju-jitsu championships draw large crowds of spectators.

Competitions are held in the following way: Competitors pair off and apply defense techniques. At the same time, they are, in turn, defending from various attacks assigned by the referees. Referees assign attacks at their own choosing. Types of attacks include seizures, hand and foot blows, and attacks with a knife and stick. On the whole, the work of the pair is judged with the following criteria: reality and quickness of attacks, energies, reality and dynamic defense, coordination and synchronism of the pair. The duration of combination cannot exceed 10 seconds.

Wrestle competitions

There is a special section of Ju-jitsu competitions that includes throws. The holds are less dangerous than in the traditional Ju-jitsu but still impressive and dynamic. They allow painful and stifling techniques, as well as hand, foot blows and throws.

International Ju-jitsu Federation (IJJF) has been promoting Ju-jitsu to have it included in the Olympic Games program. It is already included in the World Games program in this context.

Training of sportsmen

Altogether during 2006 - 2007 Novosibirsk Regional Federation trained:
- 6 masters of sports of Russia;
- 12 candidates for masters of sports;
- 19 first-class sportsmen;
- 43 second-class sportsmen.

Number of trained children (children and junior ranks):
- first-class - 48 children;
- second-class - 36 children;
- third-class - 52 children.

Nikulina Anna achieved the greatest results among girls as she twice was a Ju-jitsu champion of Russia, in 2005, 2006. She was also first, among girls in Russia, to be given the rank of Master of Ju-jitsu sports of Russia.

In accordance with the rules approved by Russian sport, Russian Ju-jitsu Federation (president: Vasiliy Shestakov, the honored coach of Russia) organizes and conducts technique and wrestling competitions in Russia. It also forms Russian teams for participation in the International competitions.

Champions and prize-winners from Russia for Ju-jitsu in 2007 from Novosibirsk Regional Federation are:
- Pavel Berest, a master of sports of Russia, Ju-jitsu two time champion of Russia (2006, 2007), also a repeated champion and a prize-winner of the International tournaments (first staff, technical competitions);
- Evgeniy Timopheev, a master of sports of Russia, Ju-jitsu three time champion of Russia (2005, 2006, 2007), (first staff, technical competitions)
- Maxim Komarov, a master of sports of Russia, Ju-jitsu champion of Russia - 2006, a silver medalist in the championship of Russia - 2007, repeated champion and prize-winner in the International tournaments (second staff, technical competitions);
- Dmitry Pridannikov, a master of sports of Russia, a silver medalist in the championship of Russia - 2007, a champion in an open championship in Saint-Petersburg, a prize-winner of a Ju-jitsu championship in Moscow (second staff, technical competitions);
- Vladimir Naperov, a master of sports of Russia, a bronze medalist in the championship of Russia - 2007 (second staff, technical competitions);
- Eseniya Soboleva, a master of sports, a bronze medalist in the championship of Russia - 2007 (second staff, technical competitions);
- Mger Manukyan, a master of sports, a winner of a Ju-jitsu championship of Russia - 2007, a champion of the world - 2007 (first staff, wrestles).

Training of children

About 250 children are now trained in sport, education and health improvement programs at Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation.

The educational and health improvement program, named "Way to yourself", was developed to introduce and promote Ju-jitsu in educational service. Today it is undergoing an examination by experts at the Ministry of Education. The program was a prize-winner in an All-Russian Contest on programs and scientific works "Science and practical providing children and youth with recreation" in 2006 and received a small gold medal at the Siberian Fair on nomination of scientific works in the field of sport in 2007.

Originators of the program

- Pankratov O., President of Siberian Ju-jitsu Association (Novosibirsk);
- Korotkikh E., Vice-President of SJA, a president of the club "Siberian Leopard" (Moscow);
- Vlasova T., a deputy director of Out-of-school Work Center of the city of Moscow.

The program is compiled under the scientific guidance and scientific editorial staff of Phomina N. S., a Doctor of Pedagogical Science.

"Sport against drugs" program

The lectures about the harmful effects of drug use are delivered to children in co-operation with Drugs Circulation Department as well as the Federation leadership. Also, the State Drug Control leadership group conducts interview with journalists. Children drawings and photos contests were held under the slogan "Sport against drugs".

The SJA vice-presidents Matveev S. and Korotkikh E. were awarded thank you certificates by State Drug Control in 2006.

On March, 2007 Pavel Berest and Maksim Komarov, trainers, were awarded thank you certificates by the head of Siberian Federal Region of Russian Department.

The SJA president Pankratov O. A. was awarded "For his personal contribution in anti-drug activity" badge.

Military-patriotic work of the Federation

Regular classes are held at the Military School by Novosibirsk Regional Federation. A skilled trainer has been coaching pupils there for two years.

In June, Novosibirsk Regional Ju-jitsu Federation participated in meetings with youth, not yet old enough to be called into the army, at the Children Improve Health camp "Zavjyalovo". Trainers did a performance and conducted practical applied Ju-jitsu classes.

The Federation is involved annually in performing for this age group. The performances are organized by education departments together with military registration and enlistment offices.

Every year on May 9 the Federation, together with a parental committee, organizes children to place flowers on a monument to soldiers who were killed during the Great Patriotic War.

Summer camp

The Regional Federation together with the different organizations annually holds a summer children camp in Burmistrovo. They equip a special training hall by covering it with a material fit for wrestling.

Work with security and military/police structures

Ju-jitsu can serve the needs of special military/police units and services working on security. The organization has many experienced with teaching Ju-jitsu at military/police structures. The trainers have coached regular classes during the past few years at special units of different military/police departments.

The Federation takes active part in the show "Sib security" held by the Siberian Fair. Since 2000 they have been awarded every year with certificates and charters of Siberian Fair for their application of the latest techniques in the field of security. In 2006 the Federation was also awarded a gold medal by Siberian Fair.

The theatre of martial arts "Perfection"

The theatre was established in 1995. This theatre was established in answer to the significant popularity of martial arts. Performances were held with great success, not only in Novosibirsk but also in Tomsk, Barnaul and Kemerovo.


Sportsmen from our branch - club "Siberian Leopard" of Moscow, achieved high results in championship of Russia for Ju-jitsu techniques. Three pupils, of coach Evgeniy Korotkikh, were silver prize-winners and they also met the criteria to become a master of sports of Russia. SJA vice-president, Evgeniy Korotkikh, has had many noted achievements. Since it began, the club "Siberian Leopard" in Moscow, has achieved great success.

First, about 200 children and 50 adults participate in the club, at the present time. Second, children under 16 years old take classes free. The free classes are possible because the club is actually organized in the Out-of-school Education Center of Moscow where Korotkikh E. Y. is now a deputy director. Third, the various sportsmen in the club "Siberian Leopard" earned 14 medals in the Moscow championship for Ju-jitsu in 2007. These reflect very high results especially for Moscow.

Two pupils from Amur Ju-jitsu Federation (President: Evgeniy Sorokovikov) became champions of Russia for their demonstration of technique in 2007.

In Russian Ju-jitsu Federation our organization is well represented:
- Pankratov O. A. is a Technical Director of RJF, a member of presidium of RJF, a Director - Coordinator for Siberian Federal Region;
- Korotkikh E. Y. is a RJF representative of Russian Sport;
- Orlov O. N. is a member of auditing commission of RJF;
- Kurilo A. L. is a RJF Director - Coordinator for Far-East Federal Region;
- Over 20 coaches have been given the rank of "Coach of RJF".

Training of coaches

- In Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and abroad, all coaches have a year long probationary period, the purpose being to raise their ability levels;
- The famous masters from Japan, Germany, Holland, Great Britain and France are invited to Novosibirsk to conduct training courses. The president of World Ju-jitsu Federation, Morris R., conducted training in Novosibirsk by our invitation in 2006;
- Russian Martial Arts Union organized a trip for masters of martial arts to Japan from April 5-15th in 2007. RJF vice-president, Kukoverov G. V. and a RJF technical director, Pankratov O.A. represented Ju-jitsu;
- Our coaches conduct seminars included in RJF schedule, in Moscow, Blagoveshchensk, Saint-Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg.

Organizing and conducting of sport mass events

Siberian Ju-jitsu Association was among the organizers of I and II Siberian Combat Festivals, which were held under the aegis of Russian Martial Arts Union.

The following famous people are part of the Organizational Committee:
- Kireenko S.V., a leader of Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency;
- Solodkin A.N., a head of Physical Training and Sports Department;
- Shestakov V.B., a deputy of State Duma, a RJF president;
- Vedernikov A.P., a lieutenant-general of the police;
- Pokrovskiy E.N., a president of Novosibirsk Branch.

Honored guests that were present were:
- Richard Morris, World Ju-jitsu Federation President (Great Britain);
- Kozlobaev, a Director of Regional Development (Moscow).

Teams from 22 cities in Russia took part in the Festival (5 federal regions). Participants numbered approximately 500 children ages of 7 - 16 years old.

Our contacts

Alexander Laskin (2nd dan Ju-jitsu), a technical secretary of the Association, will answer all your questions by e-mail:

Oleg Pankratov, a president of the Association, (5th dan Ju-jitsu):
- telephone +7 (383) 359-81-25;
- e-mail:

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